So, you're a startup founder

You have got a brilliant idea, and you want to jump straight into building the product, you want to kick start the business and turn it into the next big thing. But wait, did you know that 93% of startup founders admit that mentorship and coaching is instrumental to success?

Maybe I can help . . .

About Me

Hi, I'm Jonathan. Born in Hong Kong, raised in Sydney, Australia.

I have built 5 startups, assessed 500+ startup grant applications and coached countless startup founders like yourself.

I started my first so-called business (a graphic design & web development agency) while I was still in university, 20 years back. I endured that for 10 years until I realised that trading time for money is not really running a business. So I ventured into the world of tech startups, hoping that I can make it to the next big thing.

I launched my first venture in 2009, it was shut down soon after. I launched my second venture in 2010 and my third in 2013. Both also didn't perform as well as I have anticipated.

I could blame these failures on my naivete and the fact that there wasn't much of a startup ecosystem to offer guidance and inspiration back then. But as a matter of fact, I should have blamed myself, because if there's one thing I could have done differently, it is to find myself a business coach who have done it before, or at least gone through some of the failures that was so obvious in hindsight.

Since then I have reached out to experienced entrepreneurs who have done it before, collectively built better businesses, started coaching other founders (also part of the mentor network at Founders Institute), joined the Jobs for NSW startups team and helped hundereds of founders access government grants, become a frequent guest speaker at startup events and started my 6th startup, embarking on a journey to robotic budget hotels.

I am Offering Founder Coaching Service

Doing your own startup is extremely hard. I have empathy towards startup founders because I have built 5 startups myself, assessed over 500 startup grant applications and coached a number of startup founders over the past 15 years.

I am committed in helping founders focus on priorities, build strategies and accelerate growth. You will tap into my personal network of investors, build strategic partnerships and have fun along the way too!

What you would get out of this
  • Someone at your back to keep you accountable
  • Make sure you focus on pirorities
  • Force you to face the ugly truth
  • Learn new perspectives, develop knowledge and skills
  • Force you to continually define success
  • Learn about capital raising
  • Open up to the world of non-VC funding
  • Build strategies in forming partnerships
  • Access to a network of investors and clients
  • Open up to opportunities in Asian markets

What I Offer

  • 1 hour weekly meeting in person (Sydney CBD) or video conference
  • Unlimited email and text

AUD $1,100/month

First chat is on me! Let's get together.

Why Do You Need A Coach?

Gain Experience Not Shared In Books

Experience is a very expensive asset, yet it is critical to startup success. You can learn a lot from reading books but there are unstated truth where coaching is an accelerated way to gain these experience.

Network & Partnership Opportunities

A warm intro is always the preferred way in getting in touch with investors or clients. A successful coach can tap into a wide network of people whom you can benefit from, accelerating the growth of your startup.

Helps You Develop Stronger EQ

There are a lot of ugly truth in this world where most people around us will not put in front of you. A good coach will challenge you with the status quo and force you to face problems in a truthful manner.

Helps You Focus On Priorities

As a startup founder, we are often distracted by possibilities or trying to do too many things at once. Your coach is responsible to keep you focus on the priorities and give you advice if it's time to pivot.

Hear what other founders have to say

"We have access to a lot of advisors at Muru-D but I learned more and got more ideas in the time of our catch up than regular meeting with many of our menotrs!"

Caroline Lepron - Founder of Skoutli

"Jonathan's advice has been invaluable for our fintech startup. His industry experience and unique perspective has inspired us to consider the true potential of the technology we are building, and has inspired us to think bigger with respect to the future."

JJ Fiasson - Managing Director of Loan Base

"Jonathan has been giving good advice for us, based on his rich experience in start-up and innovation in Australia, and his insights for both the Australian and the Chinese market. Definitely recommend having a chat with him, if you want to explore further growth opportunities for your start-up."

Bowie Chen - Co-Founder of EaziTrip

"I'm so lucky to have met Jonathan. He gave me strategies of getting the sale before building the product. This completely changed my perspective in my approach in building products and my ventures. Saved me months, if not years of effort."

David Wang - Head of Product at SocietyOne, ex CBA & Airtasker

"Jonathan is one of the most passionate entrepreneur I have met. He is obsessed with helping first-time startup founders in getting their ideas off the ground, offering massive support and sharing his extensive startup experiences with his clients. Whenever I recommend a client to him, he won't fail me and is able to deliver results every single time. If you have a startup idea, and you want accelerated growth and learn about funding know how, Jonathan is definitely the go-to-person."

Vince Man - Co-Founder at MedCryptor

"As a experienced founder, (Jonathan) has brought a rich understanding of the challenges and opportunities that a Startup faces and a unique capability to translate those for a public sector organisation with little direct experience in the challenges of early stage businesses. Jonathan is goal driven and was instrumental in our team receiving more than 500 detailed applications from startups, as well as the assessment and review process that lead to over 200 Startups receiving funding through Jobs for NSW."

Matthew Proft - Manager - Investor Familiarisation and Engagement at NSW Department of Industry

"It is very difficult to find someone that can operate effectively within a government organization but is also a legitimate entrepreneur with experience starting a tech startup and successfully raising Venture Capital etc. Jonathan is one of these rare people.

Whilst we officially worked in different teams, Jonathan overdelivered in his main role which enabled him capacity to volunteer working alongside our Sydney Startup Hub team in the design and delivery of programs and platforms that bring benefits to the 480 startups within our hub and can also be accessed by startups beyond the hub and across the state of NSW.

Jonathan is well respected by the startup ecosystem community and seen as a go-to government employee who "gets it" from the startup perspective but can also navigate the sometimes complicated government structure and systems for positive outcomes on both sides."

Joshua Flannery - MD @ Startupbootcamp Scale Osaka | Rainmaking Innovation Japan | former Director @ Sydney Startup Hub

Some of the Events I have Participated in

Not Sure If Coaching Is Right For You?

First chat is on me. Either way, I would love to learn what you are cooking up at your end, and happy to share my experience and insights with you.

Give your idea an explosive charge